Blake Bishop

Appearance and PersonaEdit

Alignment: Babyface

Date of Birth: June 20, 1985

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 247 lbs

Build: Muscular with a big of bulk

Out of Ring Attire: Blue short-sleeved dress shirt, tan dress pants, black collarless jacket, black running shoes

Ring attire: White leg tights with the ancient greek alphabet in blue scattered all over it. Black boots. Blue fingerless gloves with the symbol of Omega in white on them. Black elbow pads.

Tattoos: Golden chinese dragon coiled in figure-8 eating its own tail on back.


When talking about matches and serious matters like honor can get quite serious, thinking about the inevitability that a champion will eventually be dethroned, it only being a matter of time. When talking in a more casual setting in out of ring clothes he can be far more relaxed, even upbeat.

Basic Style: Grappler with a bit of agility to him. Favors DDTs, especially when reversing an opponent's move.

Preferred hardcore weapon: Kendo Sword



Warriors of the World United by Man'o'War

Manowar-Warriors of the World United05:59

Manowar-Warriors of the World United


Enters with a dark blue cape and hood which, after pausing, is pulled off and cast aside. Fists are then moved to sides which cues pyro. Slow walk to ring, stand in center, raise arms and then punch the mat with left hand, cuing ring pyro.



  • Primarily Punches, elbows and knee strikes
  • European uppercut
  • Dropkick


  • Multiple DDT variants
    • Standard DDT
    • Implant DDT
    • Jumping DDT
    • Legsweep DDT
    • Running DDT
  • Flapjack
  • German Suplex
  • Tiger Suplex
  • Standing Neckbreaker
  • Fireman's Carry Neckbreaker


  • Diving Crossbody
  • Bulldog
  • Corner Clothesline


  • Superplex
  • Missile Dropkick
  • Frog Splash


  • Dragon Sleeper

Signature MovesEdit

  • Alpha Strike (Running Cannonball)


Omega Maneuver (Turnbuckle Powerbomb)

Typical Finish MethodEdit

After hitting an Alpha Strike Blake removes his gloves, signalling he'll be going for the Omega Meneuver. Following hitting the OM the opponent is dragged out and pinned, typically via cradle.

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