Busterman Zero (art by Daniel Vega)

Busterman Zero, born Vincent Schaeffer (January 17, 1981), is the central character of the Busterman universe.


Vincent Schaeffer was born in Vancouver, Canada, but his family moved to Zenith City when he was two. Exposure to the blended culture that the city possessed resulted in Vince learning both Chinese and Japanese at school as well as delving into the martial arts, learning Sōjutsu and Southern Dragon Kung Fu. One particular class Vincent excelled in at school was World History but after graduating from high school he enrolled in mechanical engineering, though he ultimately dropped out and got work as a bartender. For years Vince was happy with his little life, becoming a fan of conspiracy theories and adopting the inverted red Eye of Providence as a personal symbol.

In 2014 Vince's life changed forever after 3753 Cruithne entered the Earth's atmosphere. The impact of the quasi-satellite, though reduced due to its trajectory causing a great deal of it to burn up, not only damaged Zenith City's anchor but unleashed what would later be called the Busterman Virus on Zenith City. Vince, possessing the genes to reverse the virus's effect and greatly increase his chemical energy. The result caused a physical transformation, greatly increasing his muscle to body fat ratio, while also turning his hair white. In addition to being altered Vincent gained superhuman abilities, allowing him to combat the threats that now roamed the city, but this status also made him the number one target of government agencies as well as the Tech Legion, being dubbed 'Patient Zero.' When the truth about the Virus emerged however Vincent was retroactively named 'Busterman Zero,' giving him an alias.


The Busterman Virus has greatly altered Vince's nature, allowing his body to efficiently produce a great deal more chemical energy absorbed from nutients than before and even draw from the stagnated viral cells within him. The resulting absorbing of simple air and sunlight greatly sustains Vincent, allowing him to go for days without even water.

The energy constantly builds up in Vincent's body and, without a proper outlet, causes radical changes. The result is a constant treatment of his organs and other body parts, not only allowing for enhanced cellular regeneration but constantly stimulation, strengthening Vince's body parts to their peak.


Vince's excess energy can be used in a great many ways. The constant streaming of adds a great deal of power to any physical exertion, results being beyond even what a person at peak physical condition could accomplish. The energy also allows for compensation with the physical limits of Vince's body, thus even a simple punch no longer can have an adverse effect on his bones or other bits within his hands. Vince's regenerative abilities do have limits however, a large source of potential chemical energy needed to quickly deal with more serious injuries like badly broken bones or damaged arteries. Vince's energy output does however greatly slow the amount of time it would take for him to bleed to death, even with multiple arteries being damaged, and he can literally heal the injuries by eating. The limits of Vince's basic physical prowess are a foot speed of nearly two-hundred kilometers an hour, impacts that would typically cause minor cuts or bruises to do no damage what-so-ever, and enough physical strength to lift nearly four hundred kilograms with relative ease.

Beyond his natural abilities Vince can convert his chemical energy into other forms as needed. Waves that are a mix of kinetic, thermal and light energy can be emited in various forms, also with varying quantities of each form of energy, effectively allowing Vince to produce a variety of energy blasts. Additionally Vince can produce the waves from all points of his body, but without proper control it would affect anything he was wearing and it is difficult to aim. Another form of energy conversion is gravitational, allowing Vince to manipulate his perceived weight and, combined with an output of kinetic energy, simulate flight and super-speed. For flight speed Vincent has managed up to one thousand kilometers per hour with a ground speed of half that. The maximum destructive force of Vincent's energy blasts are ranked as 900 tonnes of TNT.

Vincent is able to emit a sort of protective energy aura around him, the type of energy at his discretion but typically kinetic or thermal to neutralize threats, countering the energy of an incoming object to slow it down or incinerate something before impact. This ability is difficult to control however and can lead to a detonation.


While possessing greater resistances than a typical human by a great degree Vincent does still possess their vulnerabilities, including organ damage that is so bad it results in death. The destruction of any vital organ would more or less instnatly kill Vincent, though serious damage to them may not kill him. Vincent's most vulnerable organs are his spinal cord and brain as with them damaged it is diffcult to will the repair of any injury.

One particular threat is Vincent failing to contain his energy. If his body peaks at its capacity for unused chemcial energy it threatens to tear him apart thus Vincent must instinctively unleash a large and destructive wave, leaving him greatly weakened and devastating the area around him. The Busterman Virus in particular can quickly increase the amount of energy in his body, thus prolonged exposure to a hot-spot or being infected with it can greatly increase the chance of detonation. The resultant weakened state is due to even the natural functions caused by the energy output within Vincent's body being temporarily haulted, essentially rendering him a human in peak condition until his basic superhuman functions can resume.

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